This blog has always been surprised a the messages we receive indicating they had no idea Orcas were apart of UK wildlife and has always tried to get the word out there that they are out there! 

(Shetland 17th July 2011 X )


(Shetland 27th July 2013 - Mousa (019) X

Don’t fancy that far north?…

(Gairloch 22nd July 2013 - Moneypenny and John Coe X )

Now I can’t stand here and say they are a guaranteed sighting they’re a wild animal! One of this blog’s runners lives in the outer hebrides and has never caught a glimpse of these guys- but aren’t they worth the chance? 

To see these guys is a discovery, places like the Hebrides whale and dolphin trust rely on public sightings to create a network of where these guys travel, as do the seawatch foundation  to get the best network of sightings they need whale watchers… they need you.

(via stumpytheorca)